Creative Pathways 2022

Berlin- November 22

Current collaborative project between Irish and German art students which is facilitated by the Irish Embassy in Berlin and the Goethe Institute in Dublin as part of The Creative Pathways Programme 


Design Lab Ambassador 2022

A space for Joyful Collaboration

Design Lab is delivered in partnership with
Architecture at the Edge based in Galway,

and architecture education organisation
MATT+FIONA, based in London.

Architecture at the Edge (AATE) is a Galway based not-
for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of

architecture as culture. AATE investigates the role and
impact of architecture in our lives and the world we live
in, demonstrating how design enhances the quality
of life, while addressing important issues of society
through responsible architecture.

MATT+FIONA is a social enterprise that believes all youngpeople should have the opportunity to shape their builtenvironment. Through their collaborations they offerunique, hands-on education programmes for children andyoung adults, which enable them to directly create fullscale places and spaces.

• Empowering young people to physically realise
the ideas in their imaginations
• Building a confident curiosity in the next
• Providing understanding about the built
environment though constructive teaching,
playing and making
• Inspiring young people to see how we can shape
and influence the spaces in which we live,.
• Familiarising participants to the processes
involved in design and construction within the
built environment
• Enabling people to work collaboratively towards a
collective goal



MA show 2021

September 2021

peripheral (4)_edited.jpg

Radius ATS GMIT & Merlin College

Radius ATS GMIT (now ATU) & Merlin College project started in January 2021. It was my first socially
engaged work, and I was very lucky to work with Juman Tamimi, Palestinian MA student
also studying in GMIT. Due to ongoing pandemic we had to rethink and reshape the whole
approach of our workshops. Through online platform called Padlet we were able to build
trust and relationship with TYS which was not an easy road. We were not allowed to see
students faces through online call and not many of them were confident enough to speak.
With an amazing support by our lecturer Dr. Seamus McGuinness and TYS’ teacher Bernie
Duggan we were leaving this project with joy of sharing confidence, trust, and creativity.


Radius project was an amazing experience facilitated by ATS office, GMIT. Working with
community and social organisation became a huge part of my practice. It gave me new set
of skills and beliefs and prepared me for an outside world after finishing my studies. I built
new relationships within the community, learnt how to adapt to any group of people and
overcome any challenge socially engaged practice might bring. Collectivism, embracing